Virtual Reality

What Is VR (Virtual Reality)?

Virtual reality replicates or simulates an environment. This environment could be real or imaginary; it also could be created using photography, videography, computer animation, or a combination of the three. When someone enters virtual reality, they have a full 360-degree view of what is happening around them.

How Does Virtual Reality Work?

The easiest answer is that virtual reality “tricks” your brain into thinking you’re someplace else. A virtual reality headset shows you an image, and when you move, the device modifies the image to make it appear as if you’re actually inside a different environment.

You Mentioned a Virtual Reality Headset. What’s That?

A virtual reality headset is what you use to enter virtual reality. They are lightweight devices that you place over your eyes. There are two main types: mobile and computer. A mobile virtual reality headset like, Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR, works with a smartphone. You just pull up your favorite VR app, lock your smartphone in the headset, and start enjoying. A computer virtual reality headset is significantly more powerful (and expensive) than a mobile headset. This type of VR headset hooks up to high-performance computer, which allows for better graphics, among other things.

What is BaDoink VR?

BaDoink VR is a top virtual reality site for adults only. Their exclusive VR porn videos put you in every scene! You’ll never look at porn the same way again. Today’s hottest adult stars are inside BaDoink VR, performing in immersive VR for the very first time.

What do I need to use BaDoink VR?

To start enjoying BaDoink VR, all you need is a membership and a virtual reality headset. BaDoink is giving away  their version of Google Cardboard virtual reality headsets for free. To get your free pair join BaDoink VR today! If you have a virtual reality headset already, great! BaDoink VR supports nearly all VR headsets, including the following:

Oculus Rift

Gear VR

HTC Vive

Do I need a VR headset to watch the videos?

All you need is a smartphone to experience motion tracking, a feature intrinsic to the VR experience. However, to experience full VR immersion with 3D, a headset is required. Again, you can get a free pair of goggles by joining BaDoink VR ! Or you can buy them directly from Google Cardboard.

What is Google Cardboard?

Google Cardboard is a virtual reality platform created by Google that works with your smartphone. Historically–and even today–virtual reality headsets are expensive. Google Cardboard is a low-cost alternative that allows anyone the ability to experience VR. BaDoink VR has created their own version of Google Cardboard and you can get a FREE headset from them by joining BaDoink VR

How do I use my Google Cardboard?

Whether you got your Google Cardboard from Google or your FREE VR GOGGLES from BaDoink VR, the process is the same. Launch the FREE VR APP on your smartphone, then slide your phone into the fold-out cardboard mount. That’s all there is to it!

Do I need any App to watch the videos?

You do, but BaDoink VR has created a VR App, and it’s free.


The FreeVRPlayer is a free app in the App Store and Google Play. Use it to download, watch and store all of your VR videos on your smartphone.

Download Android version of FREEVRPLAYER.
Download iPhone version of FREEVRPLAYER.

Once you have the app installed, just click Download Video within the members area and the video will automatically start downloading in the FREEVRPLAYER app.

If you download your videos to your pc and then move it to your phone, you’ll need to choose the settings to properly watch it:

iOS settings:

When you tap play on “My videos” section of FREEVRPLAYER, a popup will appear, choose the setting according to the type of video you are playing:

180-degree videos: Side by Side

360-degree videos: Over Under

Android settings:

When you tap play on “My videos” section of FREEVRPLAYER, after the video starts playing, you need to tap the 2D button

freevrplayer android icon

to choose the setting according to the type of video you are playing:

180-degree videos: Side by Side

freevrplayer android icon

360-degree videos: Over Under

freevrplayer android icon


Alternative App for Android

AAA VR Cinema

Download the video files and open the app.

Tap “Play from finder” and select the video to watch.

Video Settings:

180-degree videos: Side by Side 180

360-degree videos: Stacked 360

General settings:

Graphics: Distortion correction

Head tracking: Full


Alternative App for iPhone

Kolor Eyes

Download app to your iPhone.

Download videos on our site (choose the “GearVR/Milk VR” version) from your PC or Mac.

Connect iPhone to PC or Mac with a USB cable.

Open iTunes and go to “iPhone > Apps”. Scroll down and select “File Sharing”.

Drag and drop the video files on your computer into the Kolor Eyes app.